Tips and Tricks for a Skincare Routine

A daily skincare routine is a must to maintain soft and supple skin, while preventing signs of aging from appearing. You don’t have to resort to elaborate routines; a simple and balanced beauty regimen fits in perfectly even if you don’t have much time. These routines take just a few minutes, so your daily schedule isn’t affected.

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Cleanse your skin thoroughly twice a day – morning and evening – so all kinds of impurities such as dirt, grime, sebum etc. are properly eradicated, leaving you with fresh and rejuvenated skin. If you are really short on time, you can try a facial cleansing wipe instead. Cleansing prepares your skin for moisturizers and other beauty products. They vary based on skin type, but remember to use them in upward, circular motions to prevent wrinkles from forming.

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People often feel they don’t need toner, but beauty experts have stated that it is a vital addition to skincare routines, and comes with a myriad of benefits. After you cleanse your skin of impurities, a toner removes any residue left behind by the cleanser as well as any makeup or oils the cleanser might have missed. It enhances absorption of moisturizers and reduces appearance of pores.  Apply toner right after you have cleansed your skin, while it is still damp. The best way to apply it is with a cotton pad or cotton ball, simply soaking the pads in the toner and wiping upwards, starting at your neck.

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The skin is in a constant state of regeneration and produces dead cells every day. What happens when these dead skin cells build up on the surface of your skin? Not only do pores get clogged, but you experience ugly breakouts, with blackheads and whiteheads covering the skin.  Eventually, the skin begins to look dull and lifeless. Exfoliating removes the dirt, grime, sebum, etc. that have accumulated in pores, allowing them to breathe. Exfoliating regularly (2 to 3 times a week), sloughs off the layer of dead skin cells to reduce congestion.  Another benefit is that clearing away dead skin allows your serums and anti-aging treatments to penetrate the skin more easily. Exfoliate after toning and before moisturizing, so your skincare regimen yields better results.

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When your skin loses moisture, it tends to become taut and dry, thus imparting a dull look. A bit of moisturizer protects the skin, replenishes moisture content and locks it in, and leaves the skin feeling plump and supple. This hydration is what gives your skin a luminous appearance. It is all the more vital for those with dry skin. If you have oily skin, look for oil-free lotions or moisturizers so your skin doesn’t become overly greasy. Eye creams can be used to smooth fine lines, reduce puffiness, and hydrate area around the eyes.

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Anti-Aging Products

After a certain time, your skin starts to lose its firmness as wrinkles and lines appear as you age. While you can’t prevent aging, you can certainly maintain healthy and youthful skin via anti-aging creams, lotions, and serums. They help to build collagen, make skin firmer, and reduce appearance of wrinkles and lines.

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Don’t Overdo

Regardless of whatever skincare routine you follow, everything should be in moderation. For instance, washing your face continuously can dry out your skin and leave it dry, flaky, and red. Or applying moisturizers more than they are needed leads to greasy and oily skin! If you are unsure about skincare regimens, talk to a dermatologist.

Go Natural

Whatever you do, steer clear from skincare products with harsh chemicals like phthalates, parabens, sulfates, etc. Even those that come with overly pleasant aromas should be avoided as more fragrance means more chemicals have been added to the formula. There are plenty of natural or organic skincare products out there today, including ours at Bolle Bath. They are free from toxins or dyes that harm the skin, and don’t cause adverse side effects like allergic reactions, inflammation or irritation. Even if an allergic reaction does occur, it is usually very mild and easier to identify, so you can switch to another product.

Don’t neglect minor problems of the skin – they might turn into bigger problems tomorrow. For instance, if you notice a pimple forming on your forehead, apply the proper ointment or cream to deal with it immediately.

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