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Best Milk Powders For Your Skin

Hello everyone! We hope you all have had a great end of summer and beginning of fall season so far! We wanted to begin by saying that our fall collection is now available. We are doing a bath bomb sale of Buy 2 Get One FREE with no code necessary. Take a look at our new spooky collection here and shop with us! Okay, now back to blogging! Now that mainstream skincare companies are jumping onto the natural skincare bandwagon, there's more hype now with utilizing milk powders into their products (including our own). However, it's hard to understand why they put them in the products and which ones are best for your skin. After researching, we've found there are...

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Why You Should Add Bath Bombs to Your Daily Routine

Okay, So we may be a little biased why we think everyone should have at least 10 bath bombs in their bathroom at all times. Who doesn't love smelly good things in their own home?! However, besides all that, did you know there are actually benefits behind these colorful fizzy balls we throw in our tubs? Here are a few reasons why you should add bath bombs to your bathing routine!

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