DIY Natural Skincare

Want to get flawless and blemish-free skin? Stop scouring the shelves of department stores – turn to your kitchen instead, as you can find amazing ingredients for skincare right in your home with some DIY natural skincare.

handful of raw potatoes

Use raw potato

Raw potato is a great skin brightener. Finely mash the potato and apply on your face as a pack and rinse after a few minutes with lukewarm water. Potato is excellent for treating under eye dark circles as well. Cut thin slices of potato and keep on your eyes for a few minutes.

floral and plain bottle

Rose water works wonders

Rose essential oil or rose water is one of the best toners out there, which is suitable for all skin types. Store it in a spray bottle and use it twice a day. It helps to soothe and calm the skin, balance pH levels, and help repair the skin's elasticity.

Use a mix of honey and cinnamon

People suffering from acne should use a homemade mask made with honey and cinnamon. This mask helps in reducing problematic acne and prevents future breakouts too. Apply fresh Aloe Vera pulp as it is a great moisturizer for acne prone, dry skin.

turmeric in a bowl

Turmeric is highly effective

Turmeric consists of natural anti-oxidant, antiseptic and skin brightening properties. Applying a paste of turmeric helps to treat blemishes. Lemon is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, making it another excellent skin brightener. A paste made with curd as base and mixed with turmeric and lemon is great for quick tan removal. 

Tomato juice is amazing

Tomatoes help in shrinking pores. Mix tomato juice with a few drops of lemon, apply on your face, and rinse with lukewarm water. Regular use gives you soft and glowing skin! Tomatoes also help in reducing blackheads. Massage the blackhead prone area with tomato slices to combat blackheads. 

hand holding plants

Moisturize skin with tea tree oil

Another important step in the skin care routine is the application of a moisturizer. One should preferably use essential oils like tea tree and jojoba oil, which aid in masking imperfections and improve the texture of your skin. Tea tree oil should be used with a carrier oil and should never be applied directly on the face.

Grate cucumbers instead of slicing them

Many celebrities these days are opting for more natural skin care treatments like grating cucumbers versus sliced cucumbers. Here is how to create your own calming eye treatment: - start by wrapping grated cucumbers in a soft cheese cloth. Sit comfortably, tilt your head back and place the roll across your eyes.

Cool off with coconut milk

A cool remedy when your skin is exposed to too much sun- try a coconut milk bath soak, as it is luxuriously smooth and creamy. The hydrating soak contains a bounty of nutrients that is important for the support and good health of your skin. Fresh coconut milk with a blend of exotic nut oils rejuvenate, nourish and rehydrate dry skin leaving it supple smooth and revitalized. 

Dilo Seeds in a bowl

Minimize acne scars with Dilo oil

Dilo extract is a soothing oil rich with antioxidants. This dry oil from the Fiji Islands will not leave skin greasy. It is incredible when it comes to repairing and minimizing acne scars.

Exfoliate for a longer period of time

When exfoliating you don’t want to scrub harder, instead do it longer for a deeper cleanse. Wet your face and apply the scrub to your skin using your fingertips in circular motions. Rinse with warm water and finish off with a hydrating serum and moisturizer. Try one of our whipped sugar scrubs for a cleansing exfoliate.




Use sour cream for sensitive skin

Did you know that the lactic acid in sour cream helps to smooth the texture of your skin? If you have delicate skin and have reacted negatively to store-bought masks try sour cream as a natural remedy. Apply about 1 tablespoon of full-fat sour cream on cleansed skin twice a week to soothe the irritation.

Final Thoughts

There are ample natural ingredients to be found at home, but first you have to be sure of skin type, and also find out if you are allergic to certain stuff. Consult a dermatologist for detailed information and once you know the ingredients that suit your skin, you can begin working on a natural skincare routine right away!

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