Why You Should Add Bath Bombs to Your Daily Routine

Okay Okay, So we may be a little biased why we think everyone should have at least 10 bath bombs in their bathroom at all times. Who doesn't love smelly good things in their own home?! However, besides all that, did you know there are actually benefits behind these colorful fizzy balls we throw in our tubs? Here are a few reasons why you should add bath bombs to your bathing routine!

They Are Good For Your Skin

Bath bombs are great for your skin. The emulsifiers and surfectants inside these compact bombs soften the water and moisturize your skin. When using quality bath bombs, the beneficial ingredients are meant to either indulge or moisturize your skin. No matter the skin type, the bath bombs will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and pampered. 

Find Bath Bombs That are All Natural and Vegan Friendly


Store bought bath bombs found in convenient dollar or drug stores are filled with chemical byproducts for preservatives and fillers to make the bath bomb look bigger. Try and avoid these bombs at all times because they won't soothe or help your skin. Choosing more natural bath bombs won't irritate your skin and instead will protect it and pacify your skin with naturally preserving properties. Vegan ingredients not only help protect your skin, but also helps preserve our ecosystem, and who can say no to that?! Look for tags or words on your bath bombs that indicate if they are vegan friendly.

Bath Bombs Create a Spa In Your Own Home

Bath bombs are filled with skin-loving ingredients as well as wonderful colors and scents. Some bath bombs come packed with different florals to give you a more luxurious feel. With one drop in the tub, you will transcend your ordinary bath into a luxurious day at the spa. With bath bombs, you won't need to set up expensive spa appointments to get that same feeling of luxury and opulence. 

Bath Bombs Have Healing Properties

The two main ingredients of bath bombs are baking soda and citric acid. These two ingredients combined with water create that fizzy sensation when you drop it in the tub. What most don't realize is that those two ingredients also deodorize, clean and repair skin, and strengthen blood vessels. When combined with essential oils, it adds aromatherapy benefits. The scent can linger on your body throughout the day and continue their own healing properties even after you're out of the tub. 

Concluding Thoughts

We could honestly go on and on about why we love adding bath bombs to our routine, but these few reason alone are worthy of discussing. Bath bombs are more than just exciting fizzing balls of wonder. They contain skin-loving healing properties, aromatherapy benefits, and create your own spa experience at home. Avoiding store bought bath bombs will help keep irritation away from your skin. Try to find vegan friendly products to keep our environment healthy as well as your own skin healthy.  


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I find it interesting how you said that you can get the same luxury feeling of being in a spa in your own home if you use bath bombs. My wife loves going to the spa but it costs a little too much for our current budget. I’ll talk to her about how a bath bomb could possibly replace going to the spa.

David Norriss December 09, 2019

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