Hatching For Joy! Baby Shower Favor Ideas

We received this amazing opportunity to help a mama-to-be and her baby shower, and we wanted to share this great baby shower favor idea with you all. 


The theme for the baby shower was for a baby boy, and they wanted it dinosaur themed (cute right?) and we were ALL for it! Their colors were green and blue and when we asked what kind of fragrance they liked, they wanted a tropical themed fragrance to go along with it. So after some digging, we chose a Bath and Body Work dupe of Guava Hibiscus Fresca. 

We gave them three options for what we could offer for favors: bath bombs, bath salts, and sugar scrubs or a body scrub of their choice. They chose all three! 

So this is where our adventure began.

Making the Favors

First, we started with the sugar scrubs and bath salt tubes. An easy enough feat to take on. We started with a simple sugar scrub recipe: sugar, carrier oil, and fragrance. Then we added the colors to match the theme of blue and green, separating the colors in half so there were equal parts. We did the same thing for our bath salts. A simple recipe of epsom salts and fragrance oil, and separating the colors to equal parts. We wanted something catchy for each label and tag. At this point, it was late at night and we were a tiny bit delirious, but we chose Meteor Shower Dust for the bath salt tubes. (Get it? Because they died from a meteor?) This was the easy part!

Mixture of bath salt tube favors with the gift tag saying Meteor Shower Dust

A Cute Disaster

When we made the mini bath bombs, the weather here in Kansas City has been all but cooperative, and bath bombs are, well, finicky, to say the least. They need the right amount of humidity mixed with the correct amount of oils and binders. It's a scientific method in there somewhere. The green bath bombs were simple enough to make. No real problems at that point, and they came out looking cute and ready to go! However, the blue bath bombs. Well, let's just say no smurfs were harmed in making these bath bombs.

mini green bath bombs laid out to dry
blue hand over mixture bowl


We did our usual laying the bombs out for 24 hours to dry right as a three day winter storm was brewing over our skies. I placed our dehumidifier out just in case the humidity was too high, and crossed our blue fingers. After a good two day time to make sure they were good and dried out, we touched a couple to double check, and..... POOF! They collapsed on us. So what were we going to do with this mess? 

Make Dino Poop of course!

mixture of blue and green bath crumbles in a bag with label Dino Poop

Putting it all Together

After making the Dino Poop bath crumbles, with the mama-to-be's permission of course, that's when the REAL fun began! We created the label's and gift tags for each favor and placed them all in a sweet organza bag. The favors are all very small, between an ounce to an ounce and a half. But combined, they make a sweet mini bath experience! 

We labeled the bath salts "Meteor Shower Dust", our bath crumbles "Dino Poop", and our sugar scrubs as "Gua-RAWR-va Hibiscus" -- all being a fun and cute take on a dinosaur themed bath shower. Overall, we think we did a pretty good job!

trio of baby shower favors
showcase of baby shower favors
organza bag of sugar scrub, bath salt, and bath crumbles with gift tag

Final Thoughts

Even though we were able to inadvertently avoid a mini disaster, we think the Dino Poop bath crumbles were a much cuter idea than a bath bomb. Everything fit perfectly in our organza bags. Our gift tag label was "Hatching for Joy! It's a Baby Boy!" because we just love catchy rhymes. If you are having a baby boy, this would make a cute addition to your baby shower! Let us know what you think in the comments below, and give us more ideas for baby shower ideas!


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